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Product Details - 0031267800

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$1.130 per FT

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100 FT


Fluorozone® Mil-Spec Performance FKM Cord

Fluorozone® Mil-Spec Performance FKM Cord is formulated to meet the AMS 3216 specification (supercedes MIL-R-83248) and is made with 100% virgin domestic-made premium 3M™ Fluoroelastomer polymer (formerly known as Fluorel™). This material exhibits a high temperature range (up to 500° F). Fluorozone has very good resistance to many aliphatic hydrocarbon fluids that can disolve many other types of rubber and has resistance to a broad range of oils, fuels, lubricants and most mineral acids.
Fluorozone Mil-Spec Performance FKM Cord may be spliced to create the perfect size O-Ring for your application. WARCO BILTRITE has developed proprietary splicing compounds utilizing the base polymer to create vulcanized splices. This splicing method is superior to cold bond adhesives in strength and flexibility.
For more information, including splicing, markings, customized sizes and diameters, or orders over $500.00, please contact us.

Part #: 0031267800
My Part #:
Compound: 075F0213
Durometer (Shore +/-5): 75
Diameter: .125 IN +/- .005 IN
Cut Length: 0
Approx. Weight: .025 LB per FT
Specifications: 75+-5 BLACK FLUOROZONE FKM MIL-R-83248 TY2 CL1 AMS 3216

*Actual Quantity Delivered may vary +/- 10% due to manufacturing variances. Invoice total will reflect actual quantity delivered.