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Product Details - 0044263070

Unit Price:

$11.010 per FT

Min Order:

600 FT

On-hand Inventory:

530 FT


Anti-Microbial Neoprene

This specially formulated sheet product line prevents growth of bacteria, fungi, and yeasts while avoiding obstacles that organic biocides have posed in the past. This product can alleviate cleaning challenges in food-processing, medical, industrial, and other applications prone to microbial growth.

Part #: 0044263070
My Part #:
Compound: 050E0970
Durometer (Shore A+/-5): 50
Thickness: .031 IN +/- .01 IN
Width: 36 IN
Tensile(min.): 1450 psi
Ultimate Elongation(min.): 350 %
Approx. Weight: .633 LB per FT
Temperature Range: -40 °F to 220 °F
Specifications: ASTM D2000 1BC510 Z1 Z1= FUNGUS RESISTANCE
Finish: SMTH
Color: BLACK
Trim: Untrimmed
Talc: With Talc
Roll Length*: 300 FT

*Actual Quantity Delivered may vary +/- 10% due to manufacturing variances. Invoice total will reflect actual quantity delivered.