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Product Details - 6071300032

Unit Price:

$65.050 per EA

Min Order:

1 EA

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FingerTrac Entrance Mats

An all-weather multi-purpose mat perfectly suited for inside or outside use. Cleans shoe soles of dirt, grit, sand, mud and snow. Foreign materials are scraped from shoes by thousands of vertical rubber fingers thus eliminating unsightly tracking problems, reducing maintenance and adding to the life of rugs and flooring. Beveled edges on all sides enhance safety and cleanliness. Finger Trac mats are also ideally suited for workstations to provide comfort and protection from hard floors.

Part #: 6071300032
My Part #:
Width: 24 IN
Length: 32 IN
Approx. Weight: 11 LB per EA
Color: BLACK

*Actual Quantity Delivered may vary +/- 10% due to manufacturing variances. Invoice total will reflect actual quantity delivered.