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Product Details - 607212603311

Unit Price:

$6.490 per FT

Min Order:

75 FT

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Commercial Neoprene - Matte Finish - Style 12

A commercial blended neoprene sheet with a matte finish on one side. It is free of talc and release solutions which make it excellent for applications that involve the use of pressure sensitive adhesives (PSA). Supplied Dip-Free and Talc-Free. Black in color. Finish: Matte Finish on One Side

Part #: 607212603311
My Part#
Compound: 008016
Durometer (Shore A+/-5): 60
Thickness: .093 IN +/- .016 IN
Width: 36 IN
Tensile(min.): 900 psi
Ultimate Elongation(min.): 300 %
Approx. Weight: 2.05 LB per FT
Temperature Range: -20 °F to 170 °F
Specifications: ASTM D 2000 1BC 609 MIL-R-3065 SC 609 MADE IN USA SAE J200 1BC 609 COM. NEOP. 60 DURO +/-5 MATTE FINISH
Finish: MATTE
Color: BLACK
Trim: Trimmed
Talc: Talc-Free
Roll Length*: 75 FT

*Actual Quantity Delivered may vary +/- 10% due to manufacturing variances. Invoice total will reflect actual quantity delivered.